Thursday, August 2, 2012

Revolver Tacos - Fort Worth, TX

I try to stay current and go to the newest, hottest restaurants on the scene. My buddy Bobbie let me know that, Revolver Tacos was just that and I needed to give it a try. It is located on Seventh Street next to Dee Jay's Candles across from Lucky Strike. Parking is tricky and you will get towed if you park in other stores lots so you have to be very careful. Fort Worth is crazy about towing. The restaurant is small but totally chic. There are probably only about 6 tables but plenty of place to lounge and get a drink.

Order the guacamole, it is really good. The chips are made to order and they are fantastic!

When I saw "Queso Fundido en Huarache" I thought it sounded exotic and something new that I should try. It is a corn masa boat filled with melted Oaxaca cheese, jumbo lump crab and crispy longaniza. It really sounded better on paper than in real life. It wasn't bad but it just did not light my fire.  I did't taste much crab even though I know it was there. The pico de gallo that was served on the side was very, very good.

I was at Revolver tacos and didn't order a taco! What was I thinking?! Next time...

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