Friday, August 10, 2012

Lucky's - Montecito, CA

Who doesn't love Lucky Brand Jeans? They are relaxed, comfortable and always last a really long time. So the owners of the jean company must know really good food too, because they also own this restaurant in fabulous Montecito.

I have never tried Abalone in my life and so Scott ordered us a plate to split to get our appetites revved up. Breaded and then pan fried, these babies were exactly what I thought they would taste like. Fantastic, a luxurious treat from the sea. I am happy to have experienced this food first!

Whenever I see Burrata on the menu I go crazy, I am literally addicted to the creamy cheese, luscious cheese and peppery arugula. Melissa Good taste usually orders soup, I am getting so green in my old age! 

Scott ordered a filet and i love how they stuck the wooden stick in to say, it is "exactly" how you requested it to be! How kitschy. But, it truly was a beautiful cut of meat, fired to perfection. 

Homegirl ordered Sand Dabs, I have had them here before and enjoyed them. This time not as much, not sure why they just seemed a little blah. A little bit of salt and another slug of my cocktail made them taste better though. 

We ordered Potato Skins of the side to accompany of meal. The chive sour cream and crunchy potatoes were a lovely treat. Almost like potato chips! 

I love lucky's because it is dark, masculine and everything is black and white. It is sexy and cool, and makes you feel like you have gone back in time. I researched the restaurant group and they also own: Tre Lune, Joe's Cafe, Bucatini, D'Angelo Cafe, The Jean Shop and new jean company - Civilianaire! They are quite busy!

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