Sunday, August 19, 2012

China Poblano - Las Vegas, NV

My sister and I both decided China Poblano was a restaurant that we wanted to try. It combined two of our favorite cuisines, Chinese and Mexican, so how could it treat us wrong? The decor was stunning, leaning heavy on the color red so it was very sultry! Notice the bicycle wheel light fixtures? I just did!

Jennifer researched the restaurant pre-arrival and said she absolutely wanted to try the Salt Air Margarita because the foam served on top acted as the salt rim. Very inventive and very cool!


We started of with Chips and Salsa because don't they normally determine how you the rest of your meal is going to go when you are at a Mexican Restaurant? Well in this case, uh oh... Not the best start. My advice, skip it this and maybe try the guacamole.

Next up the "Don't Be Jealous" also know as Hot and Sour Soup. Jennifer ordered this knowing how much I love the stuff. She didn't care for it but I enjoyed it. I had a couple bowls of it. It was served family style so I kept dipping back into the pot. 

Now onto the Tacos! This version was called, "Viva China" a delicious corn tortilla filled with beef tendon, Kumamoto oyster, scallions, Sichuan peppercorn sauce. If you have never had beef tendon before it is a crunchy, beef jerky like taste in your much... The taco was tasty but I just felt a little wrong eating it. What is wrong with with me?! I am supposed to be an adventurous food eater! I tell you, i am softening in my old age.

Jennifer picked out this dish, "Like Water for Chocolate" - I think she mostly did because she liked reading the book. But anyhow, it was Fried Quail, dragon fruit, rose petals and chestnuts. Call me crazy but this was the best order of the night! I would have never predicted that one going in! Great pick!  

We wanted another Chinese order so when we saw the "Oceans Nest" on the menu we went for it. Scallops, Shrimp, King Crab, Lobster, pan-fried noodles and seasonal vegetables rounded out the plate. Everything was just fine until Jennifer and I felt the texture of the undercooked shrimp slip down our throats. Immediately we knew we shouldn't have eaten them, rare shrimp can do a lot of damage to oneself. 

To soothe our troubled tummies we ordered the Coconut Tapioca Balls served with Mandarin Orange Sorbet. It was delightful. A perfect ending to an interesting meal. China Poblano has a great thing going, there are a lot of items on the menu so figuring out which one suits you best is the ticket. Follow my recommendations and pick a few new ones of your own and you will do just fine!

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