Friday, December 30, 2011

Surf Brewery + Aloha - Ventura, CA

Scott and I usually try to have a couple "Date Nights" a week just so we can get off the ranch and keep things fun! This evening Scott decided we try Surf Brewery. They brew their own beers and is a great way to support a local business.

We shared a flight of beers to find out our favorites. I enjoyed the Mondo's which is the beer to the far right as well as the Oil Piers the darkest beer on the left. Scott's favorites were the Surfer Point, 2nd beer on right and Surf Patrol, 2nd beer on left - can you tell he is a surfer?! Ha. It was fun to taste but we were getting hungry and Surf Brewery does not serve food so we wandered towards the coast. 

Aloha is a nice place to go if you are in the mood for a lively restaurant and beautiful view of the Pacific. Our friend Camille works there so we like to visit her when we can. Not being in a real hurry we ordered an Artichoke to start. It was a nice kick off to our meal. I love artichoke hearts!

Macadamia covered anything is usually my favorite so I decided to order the Macadamia Crusted Mahi Mahi. The teriyaki and peanut sauces make for a sweet and savory way to enjoy the fish. Mashed Potatoes on the side? Well, yes please!

Scott also went the fish route and asked for a grilled piece of Sea Bass and vegetables on the side. It was just a perfect tasting meal. So healthy, yet so satisfying.

Scott and I love this time we spend together. Small trips to town, enjoying the simple things in life are what make us happy. Enjoy the little things today.

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