Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ojai Food Tour - Ojai, CA

My friend, Allison has the hottest thing to hit the 805 - Food Tours! The original food tour is based in Ventura but she has ventured off to Ojai - "Eating Ojai" gives guests an up close look into the culinary scene. On this tour, guests will walk through downtown Ojai, stopping at different shops and restaurants for tastings many of the shop owners and chefs that make Ojai the great dining destination that it is.

Enjoy my photos of the tour...

The first stop was the "Made in Ojai" store - it is a central meeting spot to find good parking and to get acquainted of what Ojai has to offer.

Jalapeno and Habanero Jelly anyone?

Make your way to the local tamale parlor and pick up a dozen for your next party!

Green Chile & Cheese or Sweet Tamales are good anytime of year.

Ojai Roasting Company is always busy.

Find out how the coffee beans are roasted. An experience for every java lover!

Most everyday is beautiful, but today was exceptionally spectacular on our walk to Los Caporales Restaurant.

Enjoy their freshly made salsa and chips.

Or their "Nectar of the Gods" a specialty of the house.

If you love Chile Relleno's you will love this twist - filled with beef and served with the best rice coming and going!

Just across the street, we wondered in to the back room at Feast Bistro.

A long table will be waiting for you to saddle up to - humor and good food await!

French fries that taste better than you could imagine. Sorry McDonald's - Feast has got you on this one!

Raise your hand if you love Pulled Pork! Feast knocks it out of the park.

Welcome to OBC. Ojai Beverage Company is home to thousands of bottles of wine, beer and liquor.

A three pour tasting will be waiting for you to sample. What a treat!

Their "Blow Your Mind" chicken appetizer served on a piece of endive, will have you wanting more, more, more!

To cool your palate head back into town and enjoy frozen yogurt from, Bliss.

What a fantastic day! To book your tour in Ventura or Ojai please visit: and tell them Melissa Good Taste sent you!



SkippyMom said...

I have to say I have never had a desire to live on the west coast, or even out west - until it comes to the weather. I can only imagine being able to walk around in December with a balmy breeze and no coat.

All the food looks like a rousing success. I have always wanted to make the endive appetizers - so I think I will take a shot on NYE. They look so good. Then again, you had me at the first pic of the Jellies. YUM.

Hope you have a safe, happy and fun NYE Melissa. Enjoy!

foodhoe said...

I'm so drooling! That looks like a my kind of tour.,,

AllThingsYummy said...

I had an Ojai Julius for the first time a couple weeks ago at Ojai Roasting Company that was so delicious. Can't wait to go back for another one.