Thursday, December 15, 2011

Grace Restaurant - Fort Worth, TX

While I was in Texas I wanted to spend time with two of my dear friends - Kristin and Jazz, I hadn't seen them since my college days at Fresno State. They both just so happened to settled down outside of Fort Worth so potential visits will work nicely with my cutting trips. Kristin met my mom and I for dinner at Grace located in Downtown Fort Worth.

I ordered the Roasted Sweet Potato Soup with pork belly dumplings and granny smith apples. This was really good! I love when they bring you the bowl, and then pour your hot soup right in front of you! So much fun and delicious!

Poor quality photo and a poor quality risotto. My Maine Lobster Risotto with asparagus, marscapone and tarragon was supposed to knock it out of the park. It failed to deliver.

Kristin's Diver Scallops on Shallot Potato Cakes seemed to please her. She ate each bite in between catching me up with her life that I missed for the last ten years!

My Mom's Filet topped with caramelized onions and mushrooms and an order of the potato gratin in the background. I have never seen my mom order this much beef ever, I guess that is what you should do while in Texas! The middle was a little too rare but she just managed to eat around it!

For Dessert we shared the Pain Perdu - Butter Pecan Ice Cream, bruleed bananas and salted carmel. It was nice but nothing out of this world.

I was not that impressed with Grace, it was supposed to be one of the hot restaurants on the scene and it failed to wow me. It will stun your checkbooks so be prepared!


JustinM said...

One of my best friends from high school moved to Dallas three years ago and he is not at all impressed with the dining scene. When he comes back we go to El Polo Loco - he says it's better than any Mexican restaurant he has found in the area. It seems like you're not all that thrilled with the DFW restaurants either, no?

Melissa Good Taste said...

I really left Texas pretty underwhelmed by their food scene...

California Dreamin'[amywitt] said...

You look beautiful as always!
Hope your trip to Tejas was ammazzziiinng!!!
Hope you are doing well.
Love ya