Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rabalais' - Santa Paula, CA

I am new to Ventura County, I have lived here just about a year. I have dined at almost every well known and found a few secret spots. Rabalais' is a new spot located on the main drag in Santa Paula. Think Disneyland - French Quarter, the menu is reminiscent of what you make find in New Orleans. how much fun is that?!

The best coffee I have ever. I drank three cups and wanted more! That would have be fine, but I would have to run back to Ojai with all the caffeine pumping through my system!

I went with Shrimp and Grits for my breakfast because they had just ran out of biscuits for the Crawfish Etouffee. The grits were fantastic! They were buttery, and comforting and everything I like in a savory breakfast. The gravy and shrimp were a very nice combination of flavors.

Fresh Beignets made to order anyone? They fry up three at a time and they are amazing! I could only polish one off but I took the other two to go. They are better than doughnuts and perfect with coffee.

I cannot wait to return to try the Fried Green Tomatoes, Hot Croque's and Gumbo! This my friends, was a cultural experience! It makes me want to at least go to Disneyland, stroll through the French Quarter and eat at the Blue Bayou - Road trip anyone?


JustinM said...

Is it chicory coffee like at Cafe Du Monde? Because that really is the best coffee I have ever had.

SkippyMom said...

We make our own beignets here - in fact they are a Thanksgiving breakfast tradition [don't ask me why!] and they are so, so yummy.

I could tell just from the pic' that coffee tasted great.