Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feast Bistro - Seafood Risotto

I chose to go to Feast Bistro on Saturday night because I appreciate the creativeness of the ever changing menu. This evening they had a Seafood Risotto on special and I knew I had to order it. The mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari and white fish were cooked perfectly on top of the perfectly sauced risotto. My idea of a wonderful meal!

On a side note: Scott ordered the duck and it came out cooked pretty much to well done. Usually medium rare to medium is best for serving but it didn't come that way so he requested more sauce to help it out a little bit. The sous chef plunked it down on the table without a word. Hmmm... After our meal was coming to a close the chef greeted Scott with, "You hated it didn't you" (referring to his meal) and without giving him a chance to respond, moved onto the next table. If she cared enough to ask the question she should have at least waited for a response. It was strange but I hope it was just a big misunderstanding.

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