Wednesday, November 2, 2011

End of the the 2011 Show Year!

My year as a traveling horse show gypsy as come to a halt. The rest of the year will be filled with starting next years crop, resting the ones who worked hard, and fine tuning those who need the extra attention. By January we will hit the road running again and let the 2012 horse show year kick-off. 

I have to really sit back and soak in my successes and be grateful for my horses and help. Chunk and I won almost $6,000, a saddle, a pair of boots, two vests and buckle this year - I am extremely proud of him because it took a lot of hard runs to earn each and everyone of those dollars! 

Winnie the Winner had an outstanding year, just shy of $20,000 - she really shocked the heck out of everyone! Without my man Scott Weis - trainer, motivator and consummate professional I would not have had the courage to walk to the herd confidently and feel as better prepared as I was each and every time. My parents - Jim & Kathy for basically everything from grandstand support, to all the nervous phone calls, to a smile and a squeeze when I needed it most. Joey Kinser for her start, he is a talented individual and has a lifetime job offer that stands to this day. Winnie's favorite loper Amy Witt holds a special place in my heart - she had faith in Winnie when I wasn't even sure of how she was going to do! 

And all the supportive fans along the way of who I did not mention, you all mean things to me in ways I cannot even describe. The genuine smiles, quick nods or simple "way to go's" were exactly what I needed to keep my motivated to stay on this crazy merry go-round and I cannot wait for 2012's ride!

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