Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Shoals - La Conchita, CA

So how beautiful is that view? Omg. Pull off the 101 after Carpenteria and you will arrive at the Cliff House Inn. The rustic Inn has a slammin' location, right on the water! Within the hotel there is an ocean front restaurant - The Shoal's. This beautiful sunset was at seven o'clock, Mother Nature doing her thing!

Scott got the fish special - Seared Ahi with peppercorns. The cream sauce and lobster risotto was so good it should have been ordered as a side, to go! The asparagus was cooked al dente, just to his liking. 

Ok. Now here is mine and I loved it so much that describing it will not even do it justice. You know when you have a really good food day, and just everything you eat tastes good? This was one of those days. Mine was actually off the small bites menu and cost $14. Deal of the century? I think, yes! Anyhow, I ordered the Scallops in wine and butter sauce also, served with the lobster risotto and topped with fried onions. I am salivating just thinking about it again.

With two glasses or wine and a creme brulee (which I would pass on next time) this was a a very reasonably priced meal. The view alone is worth its weight in gold. I will be back for the prime surf location, beautiful view and fantastic food!

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