Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Springside Restaurant - Paso Robles, CA

The thing about Paso Robles is that there are really great places to eat, then there are fast food places without much for an "in between" meal. There is a place located off Spring Street that does meet the requirement for a quick, affordable meal so we pulled in there - the Springside Restaurant.

Turkey and avocado on wheat. Pretty basic but the fries were very good. Scott wanted something not too heavy and this was the perfect order.

And this hot mess was my order! The mexican Pizza was a bit excessive no? It was so much food! I am not going to lie, it did taste good but I could only eat a quarter of it. Beware if you order it, you better bring your appetite!

All in all, a nice place to go in for lunch. A table next to us ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad - that looked great, I will go for that next time!

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JustinM said...

Scott wanted something not too heavy so you had to pick up the slack! Did you take the rest of it with you or just let it go?