Friday, October 7, 2011

Cava - Montecito, CA

I have been to Cava before this visit. It left a bad impression on me because of the outrageous bill we racked up just on a few appetizers, and a round of two of drinks. We wasted about a Benjamin on what seemed like so little. So, Cava - in my mind - was a bit pricey. Not a lot is open on a Monday night in Montecito, but Cava is so we found ourselves there after a surf board purchase.

Mango Margarita and Crayons to decorate my side of the table... Don't mind if I do! 

The Sea Bass Special was so good. It didn't have a delicious sauce to go with it, just a simple mango salsa. It was one of those meals you eat where you walk away feeling proud of yourself for eating so healthy. I felt like I was an athlete in training or a Hollywood starlit eating to fit into my next designer gown. I was impressed with Cava this go round, I wouldn't mind a return visit.

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