Friday, October 14, 2011

Cafe Zack - Ventura, CA

 The surf has been huge and the weather warm. Just when I thought fall was here to stay, I am wrong and put my flip flops back on. After a day of errands we made our way to C-Street and Scott surfed off the pier in Ventura. He surfed until dark and he was hungry! I had read several reviews on Cafe Zack and so we decided to swing by for a quick bite. A couple glasses of Sauvignon Blanc later we were really starting to relax.

I ordered off the Specials menu. It was a beautiful dish of Scallops in a basil, tomato bread crumb medely. A perfectly refreshing meal on a warm evening.

Scott ordered the sautéed Lobster and Sweet Corn with black truffle oil, Mandarin oranges, butter with a light curry cream sauce. Wow! The photo does not do the dish justice! It was airy and light. We certainly ordered just right.

Next time we visit Cafe Zack we are going all out! From the wine and appetizers, all the way to dessert. This quaint cafe is one not to miss, and i think we may have found our little gem in Ventura! 

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