Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Basil - Paso Robles, CA

After eating a few meals of ho hum flavor I had the feeling some Thai food would kick our taste buds into high gear! In the quad in Downtown Paso Robles there is a restaurant named, Basil. Kathy and i made our way there!

Green Curry for me, extra spice served with fish, basil and bamboo shoots. The Lunch Special was a deals with a cup of soup (not pictured) the curry, salad, wonton and white rice for me. The curry was a thick base, not my favorite but it did the job for an exotic flavor.

Kathy ordered the peanuty Panang Curry with chicken. She raved about the salad dressing. Very refreshing!

If your in the mood for something different and affordable go and check out their Lunch Specials!

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