Monday, October 24, 2011

Il Cortile - Paso Robles, CA

This restaurant has been recommended for me to review for about six months now and I just had the opportunity to visit it. On a Sunday evening, after the cutting Kathy, Amy and I were banished to eat at the bar due to a full evening of reservations. The bartender (also known as wine pourer) was buzzing around and was a bit exasperated to take out order. Oops!

Our appetizer was the seared scallops on a parmesan fonduta with shaved black truffles. It was ok, did the job and filled our tummies. 

Duo of ravioli - Lobster and Asparagus. Simple - filling.

My special of of Sea Bass - It was cooked nicely, sweet potatoes fabulous and the vegetables spicy!

Now this, the Pork Osso Bucco with a side of parmesan rissoto. The pork needed salt and pepper, way too bland. The risotto tasty but man put some color of the plate. 

I thought the service was pretty pretentious, a little big for their britches. Be kinder, smile and welcome everyone. That is my advice.

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