Sunday, March 1, 2009

YFR Crab Feed - Greenfield, Ca

The Central Coast Young Farmers and Ranchers put on their 5th Annual Crab Feed in Greenfield on Saturday. Fallon and I made the drive down the 101 to give it a go...

Welcome to the Event!

Auntie Fallon and baby Jackson Harris

The Salad - fresh and wonderfully dressed.

Garlic Bread - perfectly toasted!

The pasta - rich in meaty marinara.

Now for the main event... Crab! Yes!!!

Melissa Good Taste gettin' her crab on!

Jennifer and I enjoying the Crab Feed.

The two sisters Fallon never had, but got anyway!

What a lovely event! The Greenfield Hall was packed! I am almost positive it was sold out as well. The salad, bread and pasta were great alternatives to those who do not like crab. I however, ate my ticket price worth of the tasty shellfish. Yum.


Mo Diva said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I Love Crab but i'm terribly allergic to it! So jealous- i guess we're even. LOL

Selba said...

Hi.. I'm blog hopping in here :)

The pasta and crab look yummy!

The Purple Carrot said...

Yum! That looks like so much fun!! : )

Anonymous said...

You've made me so hungry! I needed some new dinner ideas!

Amanda G said...

Hey there! If your ever in Greenfield or just passing through you should stop and have La Fogota. Its in the Santa Lucia Shopping Center (where Super Max is) right off the 101. It is our favorite Mexican Food in the WORLD. Simple yet super yum!