Monday, March 16, 2009

Bill's Cafe - Willow Glen, Ca

I was invited to join my two friends, Elena and Amanda to go to San Jose for a day of shopping. Before we set out scouring stores we needed to fuel up and get our energy. On the drive up to San Jose we were deciding on where to go and Elena just raved about "Bill's" so we made plans to meet their cousin and dine there. We pulled in to the 1115 Willow Street location and noticed the place is packed! I mean people outside, inside so full! We put our name down on the list and within 30 minutes we were seated.

It was chilly outside Sunday morning so we were pretty thrilled when the hostess brought us inside to eat. Within 5 minutes of being seated we were greeted by a friendly waiter and menus so large it was going to take a Mimosa to figure out what I wanted to order. The extensive breakfast menu covers all of the classic breakfast traditions, along with an selection of creative specialties. And if you start the day late, you can rest assured knowing that breakfast at Bill's is served all day, along with a wide choice of lunch items, ranging from classic sandwiches, to salads, to our daily chef's specials.

Bill's Famous Mimosa's - Champagne, fresh squeezed Orange Juice, Strawberries served in a giant "bowl." How great do those look? Yummy.

Elena ordered the Poached y Papas - seasoned Potato Skins, topped with shredded Cheddar Cheese, Bacon Bits and Chives, two poached Eggs, covered in our incredible Hollandaise Sauce. Her choice of side were the Home Potatoes. She enjoyed this.

Celina ordered the Mexicano Omelette - Filled with Jalapeno Chilies, Avocado, Sour Cream, Jack Cheese, topped with fresh Salsa. Also served with Side of Toast.

MY ORDER! You all are probably thinking, surprise surprise. But how could I not order the Crab Cakes Benedict? Two Crab Cakes topped with two poached Eggs and a rich Hollandaise Sauce. I elected to not have a side of hash browns or home potatoes and got fresh fruit instead. This was by far the best breakfast I have ever had.

Celina's boyfriend ordered The Club - Triple-Decker! Toasted Sourdough Bread bursting with Turkey, Bacon, American Cheese, Tomatoes, Lettuce and Mayonnaise. A lot of food. Consider yourself warned.

Amanda ordered The Californian Omelette -Avocado, Mushrooms, Green Onions, Tomatoes, Garlic & Sour Cream, Filled and topped with Swiss, Jack and Cheddar Cheese with an addition of bacon. She thought it was good but had a little bit too much sour cream on top.

And last but not least we all shared the Parisienne French Toast -Giant Croissant baked fresh daily in our own oven, dipped in Egg Batter and grilled just right, sprinkled with Powdered Sugar and Cinnamon. How good does that sound? Holy calories it was delicious!!

Wow! I was very impressed with this place. The numbers don't lie. People were waiting outside for up to 45 minutes to eat here! It is that good. What I thought was nice was they offered you complimentary coffee while you waited. I also noticed you can bring your dog with you if you sat outside. That is kind of cool. They have a full bar inside the restaurant as well so you could get your drink on early, if that was your thing. I am sure everything on the menu is delicious so check it out and tell me what your favorite item to order is! Two thumbs up, hands down. This is where you need to go for GREAT breakfast.

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SkippyMom said...

I think I just licked my darn that all looks so great!

I just found your blog today and I am having a great time reading it. I love your reviews and your pics are great!

I haven't checked, but I hope you have LOTS of archives :D

Thanks for the blog. It is really neat.