Monday, March 16, 2009

Caesar's Italian Restaurant - San Francisco, Ca

Have you been craving Italian? Does the thought of layered noodles and melty mozzarella send chills through your body? If so, let's go! My co-worker has been bragging on this Italian place for years so we finally made plans to check it out. I did some research before we went and found out that for over 50 years Caesar's has been one of the most familiar restaurants in San Francisco. It is also has been dubbed, "The restaurant that Italians go to eat." So it had to be good right? We pull up to 2299 Powell Street and take full advantage of the valet parking they offer. Nice...

Welcome to Caesar's!

Old time Bar - very beautiful.

Inside the PACKED restaurant!

Complimentary bread and butter.

My dining companions did their ordering a little different that I did. I ordered my entree ala carte where they went big and did the Seven Course! Seven Courses - Wow! The Complete Seven Course Dinner includes: Salad, Assorted Antipasti, Vegetable Soup, Pasta Meat Sauce, Entrée of choice, Coffee, and Spumoni Ice Cream. So let's go...

First up was the Salad with Italian Dressing and a side of Three Bean. Tasty.

Small plates of Olives, Calamari Salad, Marinated Eggplant, Italian Ham and a pickled Vegetable Salad of sort.

A very hearty Vegetable Soup sprinkled with Parmesan.

Pasta with Meat sauce. Getting full yet?

Gnocchi, the Italian dumpling bathed in their house meat sauce.

Bobby's order Baked Lasagna - hard to tell that it was Lasagna from the photo.

Veal Parmesan - Mike's order. He was happy with his order. Doesn't it look great?

Now it is my turn for what I ate! Finally! I ordered what was written on the Special's Board. The Crab Cioppino. Apparently it was not supposed to be on the Board and it was not on the menu for the evening. However, they pulled through and made it for me anyway! How nice of them. It was a full bowl of a whole Crab, Mussels, Clams, Prawns and Calamari all bathed in a tomato based broth. Tasted fantastic! The best cioppino I have ever in my life. Hands down!

The sixth and seventh courses were coffee and Spumoni. The Spumoni tasted a lot like Pistachio Ice Cream. Still very delicious.

All in all, this restaurant was such a treat. The staff was just wonderful. The dining room was completely full when we arrived at 7:15. Our water glasses never were empty and their were people clearing plates consistently. The menu was large and included none Italian food as well for the non noodle lover. My Crab Cioppino was fabulous. The Valet parking also was a nice addition, as parking can be such a chore in San Fran. Would I return? Yes! Thank you Goode family for the opportunity to try out this neat, little landmark! 1.75 thumbs up!

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Diana said...

That pasta with meat sauce is begging for my fork... looks delish!