Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Victoria's - Gilroy, Ca

I have joined the wonderful world of Yelp. Yelp is a user based review website, that just so happens to review restaurants! Yahooooo... I read online that Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive- In's and Dives - An All-American Road Trip" book was out. So I just HAD to go to Gilroy to purchase it. "Diners Drive-In's Dives" is my guilty Food Network pleasure. I yelped a Mexican food restaurant in Gilroy and was intrigued with "Victoria's" so I wandered north to 757 1st Street in Gilroy.

As we walked up we couldn't help but notice how packed it was. Almost all the tables were full and everyone seemed like they knew each other! That was pretty cool. Drink order was taken, salsa and chips were brought to the table. The salsa was pretty spicy! I liked that, it made me keep on eating it! There could have been a little bit lemon added to the salsa. The Margarita was a bad idea. It was wine based. Blech... Headache city.

I ordered the Cheese Enchilada with EXTRA green sauce. I was in love. I was happy that they actually listened and put EXTRA sauce on my plate. Most places I ask to do this seem to have a hard time with it, I don't know why. I do have a pet peeve with Mexican food restaurants who put that little, lame salads on the plate. Does anyone ever eat that little, pathetic salad of chopped iceberg and tomato? I mean really... Anyhow, I give this dish the MGT approval. Also ordered was the Carne Asada Soft Taco with rice and beans. He enjoyed it, saying that the meat was very flavorful.

Overall, I give this restaurant 1.5 thumbs up. I would have given it 1.75 but the service was pretty bad. There were two waitresses and they were concentrating on socializing with the customers than actually doing their jobs. I understand that some schmoozing is a good thing but, come on! Do your job. There were tons of people coming in and out picking up To-Go orders and that also seemed to sucking up their time. That needs to improve, just my humble opinion.



Diamond Dog said...

Funny about the lettuce thing.

I HATE it when they make lettuce "nests" to put the tacos and stuff on. It touches the beans and gets stuck to it and you cant get it out and wilted lettuce is asstastic.

And when you want to take your beans home as left overs its ruined and you cant because the lettuce shreds are all mixed in. RUINED

Anonymous said...

See you on Yelp...

Look me up...

Robin E.
Long Beach, CA

Diana said...

Hah I totally agree about the lame side salad! Too funny! :)

Looks yummy though! (With the exception of the wine-based?? margarita!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa! It's Tracy! You need to go back to Victoria's and have the homemeade chicken soup. It is to die for!

SkippyMom said...

{shyly waving my hand} Um, I am one of "those" people that love that little side salad on my plate.

I usually order bean burritos but I don't like those ingredients inside and like to have a lil' bite with sour cream and the burrito.

sorry... ;)