Friday, January 2, 2009

Hey Sam!

Before reading this post please read Fuzia - Morgan Hill, Ca

I got a comment from a person named, "Sam" - Sam has no blogger profile so I am not sure who Sam actually is, but I have an idea. Read the comment:

I very much believe the saying -(those who cant bitch) You uneducated restauranteure... In the circle of food and beverage perfessionals (both management and owners) we smile and appreciate when a hostess, cook or even a patron goes out of there way to correct an employee..If it is a critique you are looking for, here it goes-Trying to pass yourself off as a half ass food critque takes a bit more knowgledge of running a restaurant and a few less pics that make you look like a craigs list hooker

And yes I have owned a restaurant in the past & having people like you walk in and try to speak about something they know nothing about is a joke..."

Now it is my turn....


I thank you for your comment but I am not sure you read the review I did of "Fuzia -Morgan Hill, Ca" correctly. I enjoyed Fuzia very much, the food was delicious and the setting was beautiful. Which leads me to believe you are the hostess, or a friend of the hostess, at Fuzia - the one part of the restaurant I had a problem with that day. You are right I have no idea what it takes to run a restaurant, I never claimed to be an "educated restaurateur" either. I have this blog because it is fun! I enjoying posting pictures and writing about my experience that day. I don't mind someone correcting an employee, but to be rude and talk down to someone in front of paying customers is wrong. Plain and simple, I don't care what line of business you are in. I may be a half ass food critique indeed, but I go to the restaurant, tip well and then give the restaurant some advertisement as well. That is really not something you should discourage in your line of work. Especially with the economy we are in today, the first thing people will stop doing is going out to eat. All in all, I know what I like and know what I don't like so I am going to keep on keeping on! Good luck to you Sam!



Diamond Dog said...


you just did more negative advertising for this restaurant than anyone else could have done. Congrats.

You owned a restaurant before? What happened to it? I know...I know.. You probably made it into a huge success and sold it for millions and now you are a hostess/wait person (or maybe that prestigious position that only people at restaurants pretend to respect...the all powerful MANAGER!) because you enjoy interacting with people (but don't need the money). It's my first guess because it certainly shows.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

Diamond Dog - I agree completly!

"Sam" just gave everyone a real eye-popping example of how terrible the service must be at that restaurant. If the owner has any sense about him/her, "Sam" should be fired for speaking to a patron like that! She actually used the word "whore." Keepin' in real 'klassy', eh, Sam?

rocco family said...

That is too funny, you can write about whatever you want. Sam is way out of line.

kidicarus222 said...

Wow. Just wow.

This guy should know that if you're going to try to take someone to task, you should probably spell her name correctly. I mean, it's in the name of the blog. And the URL. And it's not an unusual spelling or anything. And it it would be good if the allegedly educated restaurateur knew how to spell the word "restaurateur."

And I guess it would also be good if he thought for a second about how knowing how to run a restaurant has no bearing on someone's enjoyment of a restaurant. I mean, should only the CEOs of movie studio be allowed to make an opinion about whether a movie was worth seeing? Should only models have opinions about what clothes do and don't suck? Should only people who blog bother to use spell check?

Oh, wait --- hold off on that last one.

Merrie said...

THere's always a hater out there. I got berated by "anonymous" when I wrote about my son getting in trouble at school. They always seem to assume they have the entire picture, but they never do. Ah well...plenty of out here appreciate what you do!