Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tlaquepaque - Santa Paula, CA

So we have been home from Texas for a few weeks now and I have been enjoying the time home. So much so that I designed an outdoor living space. We have a wrap around porch with two large bays so I decided to create a cute, comfy spot of early morning coffee and late evening cocktails. It is a work in progress but I love it.

Melissa Weis, Porch Decorator Extraordinaire.  

Spray painting all that wicker made me quite hungry one afternoon so I decided I better treat myself to a nice lunch. When I am looking to fill my tummy I always choose Mexican food and so I turned to Tlaquepaque to do the job. It has higher Yelp reviews than Familia Diaz or La Cabana, my usual spots so I was curious to see what the hype was all about.

The chips and salsa was ok. I munched on them aimlessly rather than for flavor. I think based on this course Famila Diaz has them beat and a tie with La Cabana.

 It is going to be hard to compare my main course with the two other restaurants because I went off course and just ordered a shredded beef taco with rice and beans here. But I will say, it is the best darn taco I have had in a long time. I appreciated that they made a little foil taco holder, so the shell did not get soggy or contents fall out. How clever! The shredded beef was totally flavorful. A winner. 

I cannot wait to come back and see how my beloved enchilada stacks up but I am sure it will be good as the meat was just really on point. The restaurant was packed at noon so it must be doing something right, a local's favorite.

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Anonymous said...

We ate at Familia Diaz today. It was empty! Going to try Tlaquepaque based on this review. We also want to try Vegan Mario's which is how we found this blog. - Mark & Tracy