Thursday, August 14, 2014

Flying Fish! - Fort Worth, TX

And we are back at Flying Fish! Like I told you before our Texas trip began we would be here at least once and here we are! With my VIP/Frequent Diner Card stamped and seated. I soaked in the air conditioning as much as possible. Besides having really good Dr. Pepper and crunch ice, the freezing air is probably one of the most memorable things about the place.  

They asked for it... 

Scott ordered the Tilapia Po Boy and he asked them to make it Snappy! Snappy equals spicy in this joint. The sandwich was delicious according to my faithful reviewer. The fries were also tasty. A little salt and a lot of ketchup was going on over there! 

I went for a classic in the fish house, Fried Catfish. The hush puppies that came with the fries are like little teasers. It makes me regret not ordering a whole basketful. The dipping sauce for my fish is always a heavy 2:1 tartar sauce to ketchup ratio. Just so it is pink. I end up using it for fry sauce too.

Well, that is our visit in a nutshell. Easy to order, cheap bill and satisfied tummy. You can't get much better than that! I should have ordered a few oysters while I was there, I sense a craving coming on...

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