Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Montgomery Street Cafe - Fort Worth, TX

Located just a half a mile from our stalls at the Will Rogers Coliseum is the Montgomery Street Cafe. Everyday, in and out of the horse show, we drive past it. Well, one morning Scott suggested we try it instead of ignoring it. I agreed and we walked in the unassuming building.

We walked in to an almost packed house. It is first come, first serve so be prepared to wait outside if there is not an open table. There are no menus, you just place your order with the waitress who hollers it off to the scratch cooks in the kitchen. 

The lack of guideline to order from left us pretty standard with normal breakfast fare. Scott went for over easy eggs, crispy bacon and wheat toast. He asked for salsa and it came out afiring. It tasted like someone knew someone who knew someone that knew how to make some mean chili! 

 Pancakes. Bacon. Yes, sir. It is my go-to when ordering breakfast because I love the salty sweet combination. I liked that these pancakes came out fluffy and light. The pancake mixture must have had some oomph to it to make it rise up. I like oomph!

Well, it wasn't our finest culinary adventure but it was priced right. I never realized how affordable breakfast really is. I usually am on the go or not craving it so it is the one meal I usually skip out on. Looking at those pancakes right now makes me want to get up extra early this Sunday and indulge in a stack!

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