Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Great Outdoors - Fort Worth, TX

Sometimes all I crave is a really good sandwich. It is rare, but when the hunger strikes I usually like to make it a good one. I am a major Togo's fan and despise Subway so I figured The Great Outdoors was as close to a togo's type sandwich as possible... 

We went into the sub shop at about 11 A.M. so I guess Scott wasn't ready for lunch because he ordered a breakfast sandwich. It was complete with 2 eggs, pastrami, swiss and cream cheese. It sounded quite decadent really. He was very happy with his selection as he ate the sandwich in between sips of coffee. 

As soon as I saw the Croissant Club I knew it was the sandwich for me. Ham, turkey, bacon and cheddar cheese were the base starters. Lettuce, tomato, plenty of mayonnaise, salt, pepper and sunflower seeds made up the extras in the colossal sandwich. It was delicious. 

What I like the most about The Great Outdoors is obviously the sandwiches but a close second is their ice! They serve their large drink selection in a great, sturdy plastic cup and you can munch away on that fantastic ice. On humid days in Texas it is like a dream come true! Go for the ice if nothing else!!

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