Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pacific Table - Fort Worth, TX

Scott and I loved our lunch at Pacific Table so much that we decided to go back for dinner. We each ordered a glass of wine and enjoyed the Texas evening. Can you believe it was actually cooler in Texas than it was in Ojai?! We lucked out! I had a glass of my favorite, Turley Zinfandel. I loved every sip. 

True to its name Pacific Table offered up all kinds of West Coast goodies, one being: Grilled Artichokes. I sometimes forget how simple it is to grill artichokes and served them with mayonnaise. That is my favorite way to eat them. I like how they also grilled the lemon to be squeezed over the entire dish.

I opted for the Trout Almondine grilled simply and topped with herbs, almonds and brown butter. It was served with sauteed vegetables but I saw a plate of their mashed potatoes pass by and I could not resist. I am a sucker! It was perfectly cooked and a truly heavenly meal. I left feeling full and happy.

Scott went for a special of the evening and it was Texas Red Fish served in a lemon butter sauce and topped with flash fried rock shrimp. It sounded delicious and I was really torn on ordering it or not. I was glad I stuck with my order because I think I found a fish that I am not a fan of. What a shocker! I did think the sauce was lovely though. The cucumber salad that came with Scott's fish was quite refreshing!

My dinner at Pacific Table was just as stunning as the lunch. It is my new "go-to" restaurant in Fort Worth. Just put on blinders when walking through the parking lot... There are too many fun places to shop in its location!

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