Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rice - Ventura, CA

I am on a curry kick, pretty much everything coconut milk and spice. So now I have been stalking Thai Restaurants within Ventura County. I was in Downtown Ventura during the lunch hour so Rice had it coming!

The Curry Lunch Special came with a salad, not pictured, as well as soup. Think cabbage and a savory broth. Not much too it but it did have plenty of taste.

Red Curry with bamboo, green beans (random) and shrimp. It was sold to me as "spicy" but it really wasn't too bad. The rice was cooked perfectly and made its may into my curry in a hurry! Hey, that rhymed. The egg roll could have been left off the plate but i assume more hearty eaters enjoy it.

A lovely little spot for a quick curry, if in a hurry!


JustinM said...

I almost never eat ketchup anymore; I much prefer mustards and spicier condiments. Then a few months ago I went to a hot dog joint serving curry ketchup - now I make it all the time.

Anonymous said...

hi melissa! i live in ventura. we frequent ride quite a bit. in fact, we went last night. welcome to the area :)