Saturday, July 9, 2011

Neptune's Net - Malibu, CA

You may recognize this restaurant. it is located right off the Pacific Coast Highway and is the backdrop for movies, television shows and commercials alike. But here's a little tip, keep on driving when you see it.

This place should serve the BEST chowder and the COLDEST beer because of their prime beach location in one of the most trendy parts of California . They didn't do either of those things. I took a big scoop of chowder only to kind a bunch of undercooked potatoes in my mouth. I searched for a piece of clam but couldn't find one. Fail. And, it is not hard to keep beer cold, just pump up your fridge. Aye yi yi. Next!

1 comment:

Nosh Gnostic said...

Very sad - because when chowder and beer is done right, it's one of the best things on Earth; part of the Creator's plan.
i don't blame you for trying, too bad they got no game!