Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DeLaveaga Golf Course - Santa Cruz, CA

I had the privilege to have lunch with my extended family.There were a lot of us in town for my cousin's wedding (pictures to follow..) We went to a place that I can remember go to since I was a little girl - DeLaveaga Golf Course.

This would be the Fish Monger Stew, basically it was a red chowder. It smelled fishy but tasted nice, it was a hit at the table. I shared!

This was my Mom's Monte Cristo - Would you like a little Monte Cristo with your fruit? Whoa. They used American cheese and that was a bummer. It just wasn't very good.

I (along with 4 others at the table) ordered the Sand Dabs with Mashed. They were so good. A hit every time. If you are ever in Santa Cruz and feeling fishy - This is a nice lunch. Remember to ask for the specials!

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