Monday, July 11, 2011

Pozole - White Girl Style

I love Pozole. I think it is better than Chicken Soup. So I scour Mexican restaurants for it constantly. It usually is never a regular item on the menu, just a daily special. So I decided to come up with my own recipe - Crockpot style - for the woman (or man) on the go.

Bust out the Crockpot!

Turn it on Low if you have all day, or if you limited on time kick it up to High. Make sure you have these five (yes, only five) simple ingredients on hand.

This convient little package of pork can be found in the meat section of any major grocery store. Make sure you grab the Carnitas and not the Chile Verde. I made that mistake once. The Chile verde is horrid. So make sure it says "Carnitas".

Two regular cans of Chicken Broth.

I put in two jars of this exact salsa. So make sure you do too!

I also bought this sauce - It is a little can. 10 oz - use all or half. It just depends on how spicy you like it. A little goes along way if you are sensitive to heat.

And now for this bad boy - the hominy. A 29 oz can may seem like a lot but it is the right amount, I promise.

Now all you have to do if dump it all into the Crockpot! You do have to break up the pieces of pork as they warm through. It is easy to do with the mixture is warm. The pork gets tender and you just pull it apart with a fork.

I had cilantro on hand and a squeeze of lemon. It is just an extra bit of goodness!


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caninecologne said...

Awesome - i love that it's only 5 ingredients and can be done in a crockpot! the crockpot is a good "friend" in the kitchen!!!!