Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bodee's - Ojai, CA

Head out of Ojai on the Maricopa Highway and wind your way to Bodee's - an outdoor dining dream. Ask to sit next to to the waterfall and take in the sounds and sights of nature. The twinkle lights will make you feel like your in a fairytale.

Your basic Mixed Greens.

Of course I go for the Soup of the Day - Potato and Corn Chowder. it was really tasty, they added green chili. Southwestern delight.

One of the specials - Quail. It was so good. I never am that adventurous to try something like it but always regret that I am not after I try it! It was perfectly cooked and sat on a bed of roasted vegetables with walnuts and grapes. Grapes? Yes, it was a lovely contrast. Texture City.

Good ol' Melissa Good Taste is a sucker for her fish. Salmon, mashed potatoes and mixed greens on the side. It is my idea of heaven on a plate, maybe a little safe... I promise to be more of a daring food taster!

This my friends, is Deep Fried Bread Pudding. It was good. I don't normally love bread pudding but because it was deep fried and had some crunch, I was all about it. The caramel sauce really sent it over the moon.

Cheers to a beautiful evening in Ojai!

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