Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Panera - Gilroy, CA

While driving to work from Petaluma this morning I was quite famished. I knew I needed something to eat but I didn't want a greasy hash brown from McDonald's so I decided to try out Panera. The egg souffle caught my eye. It was so delicious! Flaky, buttery crust and perfect, custard like eggs. Wonderful start to my day!


Anonymous said...

You have to try out the Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich..... My Fav!! :) -- Stephen

Anonymous said...

Asiago Roast Beef sandwich and clam chowder, served on Friday [the soup] YUM.

I love going to American Bread where we live and buying their smaller loaves of sourdough and filling them with my homemade white chili. YES! [We only go to Panera in SC, don't have one here].

There is just something about soup/chili in a bowl.