Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whale's Tail - Oxnard, CA

Boat watching is pretty fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. Sailboats, fishing boats and kayaks can really be quite entertaining.

The Whale's Tail is located at the Channel Islands Harbor. Boaters, Retired folk and just regular people like you and I hang there for Happy Hour specials.

Lobster Taquitos sure sounded good to me. They were tasty but you really couldn't tell the filling was lobster meat. Oh well, deep fried goodness is always tasty. The salsa wasn't the best but the guacamole and sour cream made up for it. There were Seafood Nachos that also caught my eye on the menu, as well as the chowder. Next time...

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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JustinM said...

I went there once. It was basically a more expensive version of Red Lobster, in my opinion. Nothing particularly good. But you're paying for the view and atmosphere, and those are both outstanding.