Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sun Pass Ranch - Fort Klamath, OR

Every August the Aged Events start up for the National Cutting Horse Association. Time for the 3 year old to be debuted. Fort Klamath, Oregon is where the the first show out West begins. If you have been through "The Fort" you know there are not too many places to stay or eat. But there is one place I can vouch for being "The place" to be for your travels or vacation. Welcome to the Sun Pass Ranch: Bed, Breakfast and Horse Hotel.

Beautiful afternoon at the ranch.

The kitchen where Patty creates delicious breakfasts for guests.

"Saddle up" at the bar for conversation or a tasty treat!

Just one of the rooms at Sun Pass.

If you are interested in staying at the Sun Pass Ranch you can check out their website: Sun Pass Ranch There are additional photos and information on the site. Give them a call, you will fall in love with the beautiful views, hospitality and delicious meals!

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