Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hozy's - Santa Paula, CA

Really good breakfast places are hard to find. The ones that have friendly waitstaff, a killer menu and cozy enough to make you feel home are the ones I dig. Hozy's in Santa Paula had rave reviews so it had to be tried!

Real, and I mean authentic right down to the letter, Huevos Rancheros. Smoking hot plate meant the beans with under the broiler for the perfect amount of time creating this cheesey, melty masterpiece. The salsa was great, made in house for sure. Savory and delicious.

Let's sweeten it up a little bit now. The Pancakes Plus was just the right amount of treat. The Pancakes were even topped with a walnut butter that was out of the world! Slather on the syurp and you have got yourself dessert!

Hozy's is a delightful place to sneak in on a lazy Sunday morning or any morning for that matter! Full Lunch and Dinners are also available. It is in an industrial are so don't think your lost. Keep driving until you see all the cars - people know good food!

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foodhoe said...

oof, I melt when I see cheezy beans and I especially love them for breakfast...