Monday, August 9, 2010

Los Arroyos - Montecito, CA

I have dined in Montecito a couple of times. The first time it was at the famous, Lucky's. What is better than Lucky's? Pretty much nothing in my opinion. But, I have also been to Cava. That was an expensive experience - even just appetizers and a drink will set you back almost a Benjamin. And now I have dined at Los Arroyos.

Just across the street you find this fun little adobe. The cute patio, stylish decor and a menu full of delicious items just beckoned us in.

They know how to get the party started! Complimentary guacamole, spicy salsa on top and mild pictured on the bottom. The "spicy" wasn't so spicy, in fact it was just right. Mixed with the guacamole it really became something special. The mild was pretty much watered down ketchup.
That is my BRIGHT red Pork Pozole. It was delicious. I topped it with cilantro, cabbage and squeezed in a little lime after I took the photo. The pork was very tender. The hominy is just so filling, I couldn't finish it all.

Scott ordered the Chiliques, which is basically eggs and tortilla chips cooked together with a green chile sauce on top. A little cheese and pico de gallo on top is what finished off the food mountain. Refried beans, potatoes and a generous portion rounded the dish. He ate it all, said it was delicious and claimed to be "stuffed." And that my friends equals success when dining at a Mexican restaurant! Ole Ole!!

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