Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Tides Wharf - Bodega Bay, CA

And so the day began with a beautiful beach ride...

Over the sand dunes we went!

How cool is this photo - Thank you again!

After our beach ride we were all quite hungry...

Welcome to The Tides Wharf - our restaurant selection of the day. They were complete with full restaurant, gift shop and full on Fish Market. Very nice.

The local brew - bring us the darkest beer you have please! Wowza! This stuff hit the spot.

The bread was carbolicious. Just how I hoped it would be!

Dicki being fun. I like that. I believe she is modeling a mussel, she appeared to have really enjoyed them!

Another fun fun bloggette. Dana all ready to dig into her cioppino!

Melissa Good Taste and her love for Clam Chowder... This was pretty tasty chowder. Came out warm (I like it served piping please.), had very little potatoes (which is a good thing) and had plenty of clams. It was creamy but had a very smooth texture. Good stuff.

This pictures is almost actual to size. My Crab Cakes were tiny! They were pretty appetizing, you had to just enjoy the two bites it took to eat them!

Now this was scrumptious! The Hot Crab Sandwich was so good. Piled with Dungeness lump crab meat, topped with cheese, crowned with a slice of tomato all while under the broiler for a wonderful vacation. Yum. This is a definite re-order!

Full and feeling fabulous from the beautiful ride, smelling the salt water and great friendship we made our way back to the ranch. This was an excellent choice, with available parking for two horse trailers. I recommend a visit to The Tides Wharf.

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