Sunday, July 11, 2010

On Rice - Fairhaven, WA

After exploring my Uncle's beautifully landscaped place we decided to head into town and grab a late lunch and do a little window shopping. My Aunt recommended we try a lunch favorite of hers: On Rice located in Fairhaven. And so we set out on our way and went in for some Thai!

I have never seen Jennifer pass up on an opportunity to try a Thai Iced Tea and today was no different. Sweet and creamy!

All of our meals came with a house salad with Peanut dressing. It was seriously delicious. The dressing was very tasty and the lettuce extremely fresh.

Our waiter recommended we try the Crab Rangoons as a starter. They were just ok. The plum sauce it came with was more of a winner than the actual rangoon.

This was my order! I tried the Panang Curry which was a mixture of coconut milk, chili paste, herbs, bell pepper and sweet basil served with tofu as my protein. It was very good. It was served with white rice to cut the spice but I only ordered it with two flames so it was tolerable.

Rebecca ordered the Buddha's Wonton soup. Complete with Ground chicken and shrimp in wonton wraps served with egg noodles in a savory clear broth. She ordered it to be four flames so it was super spicy!!

Last but not least Jennifer ordered the Green Curry. The curry was made up of coconut milk, green peas, sweet basil, bamboo shoots and bell pepper - she got hers served with chicken and brown rice.
And now onto the shopping....

An Alpaca, of course I need a picture with it!

Jennifer found a cute apron...

And so did I!

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