Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hudson - Seattle, WA

On our way from the airport to our cousin Rebecca's we found ourselves pretty famished. Jennifer, John and I had McDonald's in the morning but by the time we made it to Washington we were starving! We noticed this restaurant and decided to give it a shot!

The horseshoe bar sure made us feel welcome!

A Ginger Mojito sounded refreshing to me! It is hot in Washington! Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum shaken with muddled mint served on the rocks with a splash of ginger beer! Yee-haw!

Jennifer ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich which was slathered with Hudson's
own BBQ sauce and topped with plenty of slaw. It was pretty tasty.

Salmon Chowder was on special and you know I could pass up any kind of chowder! The broth was sure tasty - even sweet! I probably should of tried the Monte Cristo because I hardly ever see it on the menu, ever! And, I love it!

Hudson's was a nice stop on our road trip to Bellingham. I give it great reviews because our server was a pretty cool chick. If your in the industrial area, give it a try!

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