Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cafe Fiore - Ventura, CA

Oh Ventura. I love you. There are not only many great restaurants on Main Street but there is even more fabulousness as you walk down the side streets as well. Try California Street, and head in the direction towards the beach. The live music will direct you where to go. Greet a friendly hostess at the door and decide if you want to eat a fantastic meal, sit at the front bar and sip a cocktail or go to the back to party!

Every table in the restaurant is a nice one. Even if you don't have reservations there is always somewhere to be squeezed in at. Our seating was quaint, yet comfortable - we had quite the view of the wine racks.

Greg Norman isn't just a known for being a standout golfer but a winemaker as well. Try his Pinot Noir, you will not be disappointed.

An appetizer turned entree. Crab Stuffed Poblano Peppers - yes, please! So delicious. Just wait...

Now you add in sweet Butternut Tortellacci and mix with the Stuffed Poblanos and you have got yourself a sweet and spicy meal combination. So delicious. I really have not had a meal like this in a long time, I usually stick to fish when I go out but this sounded so good I had to try it. I am now on a Butternut Squash kick, so tasty. The pasta was bathed in a sage cream sauce and it just sent this dish to the moon!

So calculate four glasses of wine (good wine, too) and two entree's and you have got yourself one heck of deal - $73. I eat out a lot and I felt for the quality of wine and food, plus the outstanding service it was just amazing. If you are up for it, after your meal you can head into the back patio and grab an after dinner drink and dance off a few calories. Live music is usually playing so I highLY recommend it. This was a memorable dining experience, please try it for yourself!

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