Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Cave - Ventura, CA

Welcome to The Cave! You would not know this place existed had you based it on its exterior. It is pretty much in an industrial park. You walk into the Ventura Wine Company, and are surrounded by bottles of wine! Keep on walking and stop at the counter. Get your "Cave Card" - and load it up with some cash. You will need this card for future fun...

Notice the cool red wine display? It is not just visual beauty it is their state of the art Enomatic wine serving system!

Whites - nice and refreshing during the 100+ degree heat!

So you slip your card into the slot and select what wine you would like, and what ounce size you would like the machine to dispense. Very interactive, very fun.

A small bites menu is a perfect amount of food for wine tasting. We ordered the Ahi Tuna Roll and it was very tasty. Not too heavy, but it totally hit the spot.

The Cave is a blast. It not only is a cool way to sample wine but it was a major relief from the summer heat! The menu is simple and the bites all sounded delicious. The wine store is also totally reasonable - Rombauer Chardonnay was priced at $26. That is a great price considering BevMo is currently selling it for almost $10 more! So put some cash on your "Cave Card" and get down there ASAP!


caninecologne said...

hi there! the cave looks like a fantastic place! one of my good friends is from ventura - i should ask her if she's ever heard of it. i don't think there's anything like the cave here is san diego. i'll have to check this place out if we ever do a road trip up. :)

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