Friday, February 19, 2010

Dona Maria's - Tres Pinos, CA

New restaurant alert! And make that another Mexican Restaurant at that! The small community of Tres Pinos has welcomed Dona Maria's in the fomer location of Mama Cass's Pizza Parlor. I had heard from a friend, of a friend, of a friend that it was really good home made Mexican type food. Was I excited to try it? Heck yes!

Chips and salsa brought out instantly! The salsa was good - it is like a puree, that is how I like it.

Inside it is quaint and colorful! Kind of like you're in Mexico - Ole!

I was a big fan of their crushed ice, you don't find that at too many places anymore.

A pretty order of guacamole. Very festive and good - pico de gallo was in the mix.

This is Sopa Azteca and it was FANTISTICO! I mean seriously. Very filling and delicious. A rich broth that had simmered with onions and peppers included shredded chicken, queso, tortilla strips, south cream, guacamole and cilantro. You must order this!

Too much food later... I also ordered this. I know it is excessive but I wanted to try everything. I am trying to become a semi-professional food blogger you know... Anyhow back to the food. I ordered a Two item combo of a Verde Enchilada - chicken and a Chile Relleno. For the record, I ate the enchilada, 1/2 of the rice, two bite of the rellano and scoop of the beans. The enchilada was good, the chicken was moist and the sauce was tangy. The relleno was ok, I hate it when they leave the seeds in it though. The rice was good, and the beans were well, beans.

J-Daz ordered the Mole Enchilada and she loved it. She just was so full from the soup that it was hard to enjoy our meals! But, she did say it was tasty.

All in all my experience at Dona Maria's was a good one. They serve Margaritas and have them in a machine rocking and rolling 24-7. Beer is also in a fridge to enjoy with your Mexican meal. The building is tiny so if you get there and all the tables are taken, sorry Charlie! They do have a flat screen television in the corner so maybe you can catch your favorite sporting events there too! I think this place can do well. Check it out yourself and holler back at me with your experience!


Dave -nibbleanibble said...

The Verde Enchilada looks excessive. So much food!

Anonymous said...

I was just there and LOVE their food! It's a perfect place to take your friends or family. Food is tasty and colorful.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the angle on the glass of coke because it looks huge. Paying for refills never bothered us because who really wants/needs more than one soda with such great food? I never understood when I waitressed why people insisted on drinking 7 or 8 refills during dinner LOL

You combo plate looks yummy - I hate seeds too - that's a shame. The chips look good too.

CAPSLOCK333 said...

Inside it is quaint and colorful! Kind of like your in Mexico - Ole!

Do you mean, "Kind of like you're in mexico?"

They have a five for five deal which is really fantastic. Five tacos for five dollars. Also, the tacos taste amazing you should highly consider going back to try them out. I ended up eating 10 tacos myself.

Melissa Good Taste said...

You got me there Capslock! I am sure you will find a lot more errors throughout my blog! ;)

BleacherDave said...

I 10 tacos for $10, too. Muey bueno. What a deal!