Friday, February 19, 2010

Domenico’s - Monterey, CA

After the day at the Portola Spa in Monterey, yes I went to the spa again, we declared ourselves famished. Just steps from the Monterey Wharf we decided to try somewhere we had never been before! So welcome: Domenico's On the Wharf.

Our beautiful view on a very clear day in Monterey.

An appetizer of Calamari, yes please. I like to dip it in both the tarter and cocktail sauce. It makes for a pretty tasty experience.

Fresh baked bread! Baked in house I am sure because it took them so long to get it to our table! Ha. But no really, it was very delicious.

I sampled probably enough Chowder on the Wharf on our walk down Restaurant Row but I wanted more! This is the stuff dreams are made of. Not the best Clam Chowder out there but definitely a contender.

Amanda ordered a Caesar Salad and I thought it was beautiful. She enjoyed it very much and I was lucky enough to get to eat the Anchovy - I love salt!

Guess who ordered the Crab Cakes?! Ok, ok. Enough guessing... it was ME! My plate looks a little sad right? My crab cakes had bell peppers in them! Although I love bell peppers just not in my crab cakes. Was I in crab cake love? Mehh...

Oh Elena got a special! It was Calamari stuffed with cheese and sausage and all that fine stuff that goes into lasagna. That is what it reminded me of. She let me try a bite and it was ok - not something I would have ordered but certainly tasty.

Domenico's: I have to be honest, you kind of let me down. I had high hopes because you sold us on the wharf on your fantastic views, you wonderful food and all that jazz. But you made this a 2 hour lunch without being really necessary - it was a Monday afternoon, after the lunch rush. Our waiter was in and out - bus boys randomly walking around. There was no need for the lengthy lunch but at least I was there with good friends and had a good time catching up with each other.


JustinM said...

For a girl who calls clam chowder her "nemesis," you spend an awful lot of time with her!

Anonymous said...

You should have tried the house speciality "Pasta Capri" it is
outstanding! Domenico's is our
favorite restaurant to eat at on
the Wharf in Monterey. We take all
our visitors there it is such a treat!