Friday, February 19, 2010

Sangria's Restaurant - Morgan Hill, CA

How happy do I look at BINGO? Sheesh! What a day. Jennifer won big however, I did not. Onto the food...

So we went to this place Sangria's in Downtown Morgan Hill after our BINGO experience, and let me tell you it was an experience. Enough said. Located 17415 Monterey Road, you have to walk upstairs, through a hall and make a left. Kind of strange to get there but once your in, it is nice. "Would you like a glass of our homemade Sangria" they ask as you walk in. "Yes, yes I would." I was excited to try it but was disappointed when it tasted just like punch. $8 for punch!

They brought out some tortillas and salsas. Have you ever tried to dip a corn tortilla in salsa and not drip it across the table and then into your mouth? I am pretty sure it is impossible. We saw tostadas on the menu so we asked her to please bring us out some of the crispy shells. Much better. The red salsa was good, the green one not so much.

Guacamole! The photo kind of looks like an action photo right? It kind of was, it was made table side. After the our waitress left we added the red salsa to it because it needed something. It needed a lemon squeezed into too. But it was still tasty - I love guacamole.

I ordered the Pescado del dia: Pan seared whitefish served with a roasted garlic sauce, capers, chorizo and vegetables. I like all fish and I like all cream sauces. But this one, seemed off. Was it the fish? The texture, maybe it was a touch undercooked. I don't know, it just wasn't me.

My mom's order was next, she selected the Chile stuffed with Seafood: Fire roasted Poblano stuffed with shrimp, red snapper and chayote squash. I know poblanos are not to be too spicy but this one was, even for my standards. My mom can barely even have Mild Sauce at Taco Bell so she struggled with this one.

This is Jennifer's order of the Salmon Tacos. A pretty dish, she said it was ok. Kind of hard to mess this simple dish up! I think she also put more of that red salsa on it though!

Sangria's was an interesting experience. The building is pretty, it had a beautiful wooden bar area - I liked that. The idea of serving just corn tortillas with a drippy salsa is a challenge for all involved though. The actual sangria actually bummed me out - I think it was going to be a Signature Drink! Anyhow, if you want to check out something different, try it - you be the judge.

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Badger said...

Sorry to tell you that Sangria's is gone now too.