Monday, December 14, 2009

Prime Steakhouse - Ventura, CA

Let me just start off by saying, The Twilight Saga: New Moon was so not what I had hopes for! Long, boring and went round and round. And now if you want to see if they get married you have to watch the next movie! Ha! Oops, sorry for the spoiler! Now, onto the food... While in Ventura, we got hungry - surprise. So we went to Prime Steakhouse located on East Thompson Blvd.

The decor is very appealing. Tan walls, black drapes, low lighting - very chic. We started off with glasses of Greg Norman Pinot Noir - yes, the Greg Norman. Very good wine made by a very good golfer!

Sharing is the name of the game tonight. I shared an appetizer and an entree because they sounded so good! As soon as they read the specials I was sold. The first is the Ahi Seared Tuna with Wasabi Cream. Very yum and very spicy wowza!! The entree was something so delicious words cannot describe my joy. The Halibut was resting in this delicious Habanerno and Cilantro Cream with Basalmic drizzled through out. It just worked. Fish cooked perfectly... dream.

All in all, the experience at Prime was a pleasant one. I would say it is sophisticated, but still fun. Ventura is a beach community and Prime seems to cater to the locals. It is a supper club, with a steakhouse menu extensive wine list, and live music Thursday-Sunday. We were lucky enough to enjoy some jams with our dinner! For excellent ambiance, a delightful menu and attentive service I believe Prime is a wise decision! 1.7 thumbs up!!


JustinM said...

Looking at the menu, I would have had to try the beer cheese soup. Beef, beer and cheese? I couldn't pass that up. But tuna and halibut is probably healthier.

Melissa Good Taste said...

Believe me, it did catch my eye. I am feeling the Holiday gain upon me so I elected to go with the healthier options. However, I had the word "cream" in every dish. That couldn't have been good!! ;)

JustinM said...

I feel the holiday gain, too. But it's from Easter. 2004. And hasn't stopped. Oh well.