Sunday, December 20, 2009

Alfonso's - Castroville, CA

Oh the last shopping weekend before Christmas beings out the crazy in every shopper. Parking lots packed, people searching for gifts that no one needs, and the worst of all - trying to find an Ugly Christmas Sweater, you would think it was easy! It is not by the way... I personally stopped at 5 different stores! No luck. On our way home my Mom and I decided to grab a bite.

That brought us to Alfonso's Mexican Restaurant located the Castroville Station Center across the street from the Giant Artichoke and next to the Subway. The interior of the little restaurant is super clean, tables nicely arranged and very cool paintings on the wall.

The chips and salsa were pretty tasty. I salted the chips a bit more - they were very light and airy. The green salsa on the left was my favorite. It was a touch spicy and I enjoyed mixing it into the guacamole we ordered. The red salsa was good too, very fresh.

This was my order - Snapper Vera Cruz. Grilled Red Snapper with sauteed onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, in a light spicy sauce. It was spicy! I am not complaining or anything because I like spice - however, if your sensitive be aware - it will creep up on you! I enjoyed the rice, didn't eat too much of the beans because I was so full from the fish. Great order.

My Mom's order was the Camarones Empanizados - it read: Eight tender prawns fried in egg batter and garlic sauce served with rice and beans. She was a little confused when they came out deep fried without any accompanying garlic sauce... The deep fried prawns were good all the same. They do have really good rice, and she didn't touch her beans either.

All and all, it was a lovely meal. The waitress was very sweet, she and her husband own the little restaurant. He has been a seafood cook for many years so a lot items on his menu incorporate seafood and Mexican food. My two favorite things! I look forward to trying his version of Clam Chowder - that was on the menu! My mom just loves their Fried Artichoke Hearts and their Huevos Rancheros! 1.75 for a nice, affordable meal - with excellent selection!

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