Monday, August 3, 2009

Oyster Bar, South Point - Las Vegas, NV

While in town for the NCHA Cutting I made my way through the lovely South Point Casino. If you have never been it is a wonderful facility. Full on Equestrian Center, with a wonderful set up - air conditioning to the extreme. The horses probably thought it was winter! Not bad for the middle of summer in Vegas!

If your hungry and wandering around the casino, The Big Sur Oyster Bar is always a good place to grab a bite. In a hurry? You can almost always grab a seat at the bar and order your food right from the place mat.
Crab Cake? Well, don't mind if I do. Super good. very impressed for quick, casino food. Very impressed.

CATCH OF THE DAY! Orange Roughy that was yum, yum, yum. A very large portion and maybe too much rice. I ate what I could and left the rest. The cream sauce on the fish really sealed the deal. Stir it up with some rice, add a bite of fish and you have got Heaven on Earth.

Was the Big Sur Oyster Bar the dining experience everyone dreams about? No probably not. Was it handy, quick and delicious? By gosh it was. Would I return? In a heart beat. Melissa Good Taste approves this message. 1.5 thumbs up for great taste and relative price.

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