Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mix, The Hotel - Las Vegas, NV

Drinks and appetizers are what we had in mind. Nothing that was too heavy, or too potent. We made our way to Mix at The Hotel. Go way, way up to the 64th Floor and there you will find not only a cool lounge, but a beautiful restaurant as well.

Pretty futuristic setting right? It was hot out so they of course had the balcony closed but the view from the wavy bench seat was still pretty amazing. The strip at sunset is pretty darn cool.

Mojitos for everyone! Or just for me... Anyhow, they were cool and refreshing. Just what the doctor ordered from a long day - dealing with horses and setting up camp. The right balance between tangy and sweet. An excellent Mojito.

Not totally starved, we first ordered the Tuna Tartare. It came with a glass filled with won ton crisps that seemed to be a little fragile. Despite that, the actual tuna was to die for. Very fresh and just the perfect bites.

Ok. So the Tuna was delicate and light but after drink number 2 we were starting to build up an appetite. We heard the waitress say... "cheese"... "pancetta"... - It was loud in there so we only heard parts of the description and so we say, "Ya-ok" over the beats of the music. And out comes... Macaroni and Cheese. We laughed and ate it anyway. It was so Kraft style, but it didn't matter. Still tasty and comforting.

Neat place to grab a drink, an appetizer and do some serious sight seeing of the the strip. I had heard that the actual restaurant in the Mix was good. Maybe next trip I will check it out. As for the coolest part of the time at Mix, it was the bathroom! The toilet faces out to the Strip and the wall facing it is all glass! WOWZA! Talk about scary! Take a picture of the view in there - it is really one in a million! 1.5 thumbs up for being what it is supposed to be... just a stop on on the fun train! Wooo woooo......

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