Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aureole - Las Vegas, NV

Famous New York chef Charlie Palmer brings his creations to Las Vegas. Aureole offers something a little different. The first thing you will notice at Aureole is the three story wine tower. “Wine Angels” move through the tower on harnesses to retrieve your bottle of choice. The tower is made of glass so diners can watch the angels flying up and down the tower as they enjoy their meal. There is also a pond inside the restaurant that is home to its very own swans.

A pretzel roll started off the wonderful meal. There was bread service and this little delight was the star. Competing against it was a piece focaccia - it was also good but did not compare. I have one beef, why is the butter served ice cold? It needs to be served a smidge warmer please, makes spreading easier - thank you! I had a small portion of the Caesar Salad wedge served, complete with anchovies served on the side! Fishy, salty and oh so delicious.

My entree was the Cod served along side pea shoots and sauteed summer squash peaking underneath. The fish was cooked perfectly! I was served a pretty hardy portion and made my way through it as the best I could. You eat a lot in Vegas!

Aureole was an amazing place, sooo Vegas.... The restaurant is a complete dining experience that is like non-other on the Strip. Elegance, class, and cuisine that is considered “approachable French” will leave you with a dining experience that you will never forget. Would I return? Sure. Try something new on the menu? Of course. Maybe leave room some in my tummy to order dessert? YES! It was a tad pricey, but was very much worth it. Two thumbs up!

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