Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LARABAR - Cashew Cookie

After scanning the shelves and seeing the words “Cashew” and “Cookie” I knew I’d found my perfect energy bar match.

Or had I?

My mouth was not in love. First, this bar contains only dates and cashews. While I like those things and understand that they can be part of a delicious and healthy energy bar, on their own they do not equal a Cashew Cookie. In fact, they’re sort of like those no-bake cookies that you make once in awhile because you forget that they’re just not that great. I suppose that if the folks at Larabar added a dash of salt and a drop of vanilla to this snack then it would finally approach flavorful cookiedom.


Diana said...

Agreed. I thought I would like these too because cashews and dates in their independent states are like crack to me, but it just doesn't work! The cherry pie flavor is okay, and I think I liked one of the chocolate ones, but Laras pretty much fail to amuse me. Long live the Luna!

The Purple Carrot said...

I understand. I didn't much care for the Cashew Cookie the first time I had it. I really like Laras nutritionally though with few ingredients and no added sugars. (Although I can't argue that vanilla and a dash of salt might help it out a bit; )

Lilliah said...

Personally, I don't think all of the date bars that companies are coming out with now are awful. It's partially a marketing thing in the health food industry (which I work in, heh)- so they can be labeled "raw", but almost all of them consist primarily of dates, which contain a ton of sugar and carbohydrates, and not much else. I think most people start eating them because of the sugar high - they aren't actually that good for you.