Sunday, January 11, 2009

OD's Kitchen - Gilroy, Ca

Breakfast. It seems like I have been on a quest to find the best breakfast here lately. I am a simple girl, I like cream in my coffee and my bacon crispy. It shouldn't be too difficult should it? Well, I have heard that OD's Kitchen located off Monterey Street in Downtown Gilroy is the place to go. I tried to go to OD's a few months ago but ended up in Morgan Hill, I was a little off course wasn't I? So I decide to ride my horse and get my chores done early to miss the church crowd that tends to clog up restaurants up at around noon.

So we walk up to the side street restaurant and see people waiting outside. This was a good sign to me. People would not be waiting around on a Sunday morning if the food was not good. You walk in the tiny space and put your name up on the white board and wait for your table. The time seems to fly by quickly and we are seated in the front room in a quiet corner. This spot comes as relief from the hustle and bustle of people walking in and out of the restaurant, we got a good spot.

The coffee cups came quickly and were filled to the brim. My coffee was luke warm and could have been served a touch warmer, but I do add two creamers so that probably doesn't help the temperature at all. The waitress came quickly and took our order. She was a friendly lady who was an old professional, you could tell this was not her first rodeo. I ordered my usual, one egg over medium, extra crispy bacon and extra crispy home fries. And, can you believe it came EXACTLY to order. This has been hands down the best breakfast I have had for ages. The home fries were out of this world delicious. Next up was the French Toast, eggs scrambled and extra crispy bacon. Perfecto!

I really am disappointed I have not visited this place sooner! I have heard friends rave about it for years but it just went in one ear and out the other. They serve breakfast only from 8-1 on weekends probably because of the massive crowds that have to feed. They have a really good thing going there. For our meal I was shocked to see it was only $16.80 that is a bargain! I would return to OD's in a heart beat. Two thumbs up for good, cheap eats.


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